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Xaemora - Pandemonium`s Ocean

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After unleashing back to back EPs, few bands, if any, can be proud of having unleashed such a shattering debut as XAEMORA has with "Pandemonium`s Ocean". Icy cold vocals, furious riffing, backed with deep atmospheric keyboards, blasting precise drumming, are found throughout each track. There is a coldness, an omnipresent darkness which permeates every note of this album that can't be precisely described through words, you have to experience it. Listen to the track "Wrist Slitter" at this location: https://youtu.be/hxyBEkd9HxA

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Label: http://www.blackmarketmetal.net

Track Listing:
1. Beneath Frozen Tombs
2. MSB
3. Wrist Slitter
4. Pandemonium`s Ocean
5. Lament
6. Elergy
7. Altars