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Vicious Knights - Malevolent Spirits


Image of Vicious Knights - Malevolent Spirits


World War Now Records is proud to announce the November 13th re-release of VICIOUS KNIGHTS Malevolent Spirits on CD. Inspired by early 80s Teutonic Thrash Metal bands, but with the bands own twist. Malevolent Spirits is a tight collection of uncompromising, razor sharp tracks, full of cool catchy fast riffs, and insane vocals. Its a loud and fast Thrash attack.

WATCH the official video for the track "Crooked Man" here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=chAuMSjzqtM

1. Faulty Impressions
2. Emptiness (A Way of Life)
3. The Witch
4. Great Ozma
5. Vicious Knights
6. Crooked Man