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The Bleeding - Rites Of Absolution CD


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World War Now Records is proud to announce the re-issue of The Bleeding's Rites Of Absolution on CD November 30th. Fast and furious, fierce and vicious, Rites Of Absolution is a brutal Thrash Metal, Death Metal up cut to the jaw. "A band to watch" are the words uttered by many a reviewer, after listening to, and reviewing this fantastic Old School onslaught of a record. The Bleeding know how to make memorable songs, filled with aggressive catchy riffs and high speed adrenaline.

Guitarist Tasos had this to say about the union with World War Now Records and the re-issue "We are very excited to join forces with World War Now Records for the re-issue of Rites of Absolution. The themes that run through the album centre around the hypocrisy, brutality and tyranny of the world as we view it. We feel that the songwriting, band performance and production perfectly capture the sound and concept we wanted for the album and we are very proud of it."

For Fans of: Death, Testament, Cannibal Corpse, Sepultura, Slayer, Massacre

LISTEN: https://goo.gl/dWZSWi

Track listing:
2.Consumed Existence
3.Dreams Of Hatred
4.Crook And Flail
5.Rites Of Absolution
6.One Way Out
7.Death Eternal
8.Open Casket