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Ov Shadows - The Darkness Between Stars

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Image of Ov Shadows - The Darkness Between Stars
  • Image of Ov Shadows - The Darkness Between Stars

Black Market Metal Label is proud to announce the coming release by OV SHADOWS entitled "The Darkness Between Stars". Due for release February 23rd, "The Darkness Between Stars" is amazingly well-written, atmospheric Black Metal suffused with the feel of deep forests and dark winters. With every song on "The Darkness Between Stars" like a journey carried across a frozen landscape by rolling, epic riffs that turn from mournful to triumphant in a way that is stirring and emotionally satisfying. This album has everything that one could possibly want out of a Black Metal album. It has atmosphere, an epic feel, right mix of melody and grimness, and engaging song structure.

Track Listing:
1 The Darkness Between Stars
2 Bellowing Shadows
3 The Hanged Man
4 Disguised as Altruism
5 Ritual of the Natural Flame
6 Hordes Abiding the Narrator
7 A Sky in Vain