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Mortuorial Eclipse - Urushdaur

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MORTUORIAL ECLIPSE "Urushdaur" combines Blackened Death Metal with Symphonic compositions, through dark and intense passages assembled into exquisite dramatic sections. "Urushdaur", MORTUORIAL ECLIPSE's second offering, is a dark and majestic, yet brutal and chaotic masterpiece. A perfect mixture of relentless top notch Blackened Death Metal, blended along with perfect orchestral arrangements. An truly epic album to say the least.

MORTUORIAL ECLIPSE's Urushdaur is set for release on CD in North America via Black Market Metal Label on June 15, 2018

Track Listing:
1. Lost Bloodline
2. Ruin Empire
3. Arcane Legacy of Astral Numina
4. Secrets of the Revenants
5. ὄφις μάρτυς
6. Cult of the Carnal Disarray
7. Beyond the Sands of Perdition
8. In Extremis
9. Edge of the Black Portent