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MANTAHUNGAL - Gevangenen Van Angst


Image of MANTAHUNGAL - Gevangenen Van Angst

Out Now on BLACK MARKET METAL LABEL, MANTAHUNGAL Gevangenen Van Angst! Delivering raw, minimal and lo-fi Black Metal fueled by hate, and forged on the standards of the past and a feeling not common with bands in this genre these days. Black Metal played in the truest and evilest manner imaginable.

1. Artuga Mon Ic Abira XI
2. Artuga Mon Ic Abira XII
3. Maaiende Rood Bevlekte Benen
4. Gevangene Van Vrees
5. Gedachten Van Pijn
6. Ephila Mel Wihar
7. Lagara Monumali
8. Vreugde En Verdriet