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Gast - Morkret Kallar CD


Image of Gast - Morkret Kallar CD

From the opening blast of "Morkret Kallar", Sweden's GAST and their debut, "Morkret Kallar" immerse the listener in pure darkness. These dark, evil, brooding songs will claw their way into your psyche and light the fires of hell in your cold mind. In fact, "Morkret Kallar" is one hell of a varied and ferocious Black Metal album, one that holds tight to all the blasphemous fury that you've come to expect from these Swedes. The blinding hateful speed of "Morkret Kallar"ooze out of the speaker like liquefied tar, inexorable and impossible to deny.

GAST Morkret Kallar will be released January 25th, via Black Market Metal Label