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Estertor - Buried In Morningside

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World War Now Records is proud to announce the coming release by Spanish Thrashers ESTERTOR, entitled "Buried In Morningside". ESTERTOR is a young band, but filled with veteran musicians from some of Spain's best Metal acts.

Paying tribute to Horror, "Buried In Morningside" is filled with impressive shredding and well-harnessed mayhem sure to satiate any fan of Metal. This album sounds like many you've heard from the late eighties or early nineties, but it's done with such allegiance to some of the best of vintage Metal bands, it's an easy sell.

The banging power drive of "Buried In Morningside" will prompt automatic headbanging as ESTERTOR takes up DESTRUCTION and NUCLEAR ASSAULT's old conscientiousness cause before beginning a succession of increasing tempos and scorching guitar solos. The payoff to "Buried In Morningside" comes with a colossal Thrash attack that any diehard will go wild over. "Buried In Morningside" is set for release November 24th on CD.

Track Listing:
1. Buried In Morningside
2. Naturom Demonto
3. Tombs Of The Satanic Templars
4. Re-Animator
5. The Lament Configuration
6. Necromantik
7. Abysswalker

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