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Blight - The Teachings/Death Reborn

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Image of Blight - The Teachings/Death Reborn
  • Image of Blight - The Teachings/Death Reborn

Black Market Metal Label is pround to release "The Teachings / Death Reborn" from Canadian Black Metallers BLIGHT. Two of the bands highly acclaimed EPs have been released onto one CD. There are no keyboards. There are no flutes. There’s no fusion with folk or trip-hop or other non-metal. There aren’t any operatic vocals, or angelic female vocals. Expect nothing but dark forbodding Black Metal. Atmosphere comes first, and to generate it the band seems to draw from every aesthetic resource available within their chosen discipline, rapidly shifting between mid-paced guitar churning, blasting tremolo and a few slower segments as the situation demands.

Track Listing:
1.For the Pact to be Writ
2.Sovereign [Suffering] Gestalt
4.Magna Arcana
6.Death Reborn
7.Gnostic Dirge