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Bane - Esoteric Formulae Digi CD


Image of Bane - Esoteric Formulae Digi CD

Black Market Metal Label is proud to announce the coming release by Blackened Death Metallers BANE, entitled "Esoteric Formulae", due for release November 30th. Pre-Order for this stellar release begins October 22nd.

With its swirling symphonies and melodic passages meshed within an intense Blackened Death Metal sound "Esoteric Formulae" is an extension of the dark and evil ways of Black, Death and Heavy Metal through its own evolution brought mood, style and presence. Each track is fabulous and atmosphere-evoking, filling the soundscape with nocturnal melodies and evoking visions of darkness, pain and frost.

For fans of: Dissection, Behemoth, Rotting Christ

Track Listing:
1. Invocation Of The Nameless One
2. The Calling Of The Eleven Angles
3. Beneath The Black Earth
4. Bringer Of Pandimensional Disorder
5. Wretched Feast
6. Into Oblivion
7. Burning The Remains
8. Reign In Chaos
9. Acosmic Forces Of The Nightside
10. Wrathful Reflections