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Abominism - Abominism

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Black Market Metal Label is proud to announce the July 26th release by the brutal and crushing Philadelphia band ABOMINISM, and their newest self titled offering. With this new album, ABOMINISM delivers a ferocious blend of technicality, melody, and brutality aided by fang-filled growls, With dissonant blackened guitars, heavy Death Metal riffs and atmospheric melodies, the album dives into a hole of utter and complete darkness were the human race is rendered extinct.

Recommended for fans of: Alterage, Aborted, Nile, Infernal Coil, Suffocation

Track listing:
1. Burn Them Slowly
2. Predation in Times of Apocalypse
3. To Live, Dream and Yet Die as Nothing
4. Abominism
5. Seed of Intangible Dwelling
6. Famine of Hope

Stephen Baker (Guitars, Bass, Lyrics)
John Dunn (Vocals)
Ian Wright (Audio Engineering)